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Bobzeen is my hobby website of my general interests.

Career. My career started in 1986 as an editor, which led to a variety of publishing roles over the years. I've been a content manager in one form or another since then. I served as editor-in-chief for the US's leading software-testing publication, digital marketing consultant, editorial director for an online health-industry magazine, and publishing director for a university. I've also been a web developer, digital marketer, QA manager, author, project manager, and newspaper reporter.

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Bob on the deck at Glencairn, August 2010

Education. I have a Master of Arts (MA) in English Language and Literature/Letters with emphasis in the philosophy of language. I studied analytical philosophy and the philosophy of language under Professor Russell Dancy. I studied game-theoretical semantics, the interrogative model of inquiry, possible-worlds semantics, and epistemic logic under Professor Jaakko Hintikka, making me an indirect student of Georg Henrik von Wright. (See my blog post Wright on Wittgenstein.) I was sad to learn Professor Hintikka died in August 2015. I studied concepts of knowledge and belief under Professor Merrill Hintikka. Professors Jaakko and Merrill Hintikka were my co-major-professors at Florida State University starting in 1981. I studied German Idealism and nineteenth-century existentialism under Professor William H. Werkmeister. I studied aesthetics and literary analysis under professors Joseph McElrath, Douglas Fowler, and David Kirby. Professor Douglas Fowler gave me direction and encouragement as a writer. Back in 1979, Professor Ben Wiley at SPJC in Clearwater, Florida, first opened my eyes to the joys of close literary analysis and literary appreciation in general.

Career-oriented education includes various html/css and web-development seminars and certificates; workshops in marketing, software testing, and technical writing; and management training. I completed social-media coursework and workshops at Sprinklr in NYC. I became both a "Certified Sprinklr System Admin" and a "Certified Partner Enablement Consultant."

Associations. Some of my memberships past and present include Adobe CQ Multilingual Content Intelligence, Senior member of the American Society for Quality (ASQ), Mensa, World Intelligence Network, Ronald K. Hoeflin Society, International Content Marketing Forum, M-Webheads, National Eagle Scout Association, and the British Museum Library.

Reading and Writing

Personal Activities. I enjoy working on this website and others. I spend free time on forums for Adobe CQ/AEM, Dreamweaver, digitial marketing groups, web groups, other software groups, and others. I like working, whether at my career or extra activities such as writing books and articles including the ones that appear on this website. I write every day. I write blog posts: Links to my newest blog, companion to my book Call of the Active Mind, and to my legacy blog. I enjoy reading and writing editorial manuals and style books; studying traditions and trends in grammar and editorial style, semantics, semiotics, and the philosophy of language. I've read a thousand or so novels, histories, biographies, essays, social/political books, philosophy books, epic poems, creative nonfiction books, and plays—some of my favorite works are listed on my books page (Click to see my books page). I also love to exercise and have kept up the régime since 1973.

Mitra on the deck at Glencairn, August 2010

My first computer was an IBM-clone PC XT 8088 Model 5160 (20 MB Hard disk, 640K RAM, with a 9.6K baud modem and a few phone numbers to early local bbs's).

If you want to know more about my professional background, go to my resumé website.