When something works out well, as planned, no glitches, it’s nice to point it out because it seems to happen less and less often. My dishwasher stopped working. The previous homeowners had laid a wood floor after the old dishwasher was put in, so it blocked-in the old dishwasher and left inadequate space to replace it with a new one. I bought a new dishwasher, scheduled the installation (for today), told the installer about the wood-floor challenge. Installation day came, the installer arrived exactly on time (8 a.m. this morning), solved the wood-floor tight-squeeze challenge (elevated the counter 3/16 in.), didn’t break anything, finished in one hour, was a friendly person, and cleaned up nicely before leaving.

I appreciate and admire people who take pride in their work, stay positive in the face of challenges, make it look easy, do their best with care, and have high standards of workmanship. I admire this in people who work in dishwasher installation, writing, finance, plumbing, software, military, culinary, publishing, automobile manufacturing, teaching, retail, fisheries, flying, sports, carpet making, quilting, farming, and whatever you, the reader, does for a living as well. I can see that you are among the conscientious elite who value care and discipline in your work and excellence in your results, so I am honored that you are reading my obscure little blog.

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