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Conventional views of marketing is that it’s shallow, purely promotional, and not deeply informative like other forms of information, such as research articles and manuals. There’s been a large gap between deeper learning versus glossy brochures. Today, good marketing is bridging that gap.

The most brilliant marketers can brainstorm all day, but first they have to be intimately in touch with the customer’s needs and values. If not, their output will blend in with the rest of the SEO-term-bloated slick company-centric boasts of how innovative, results-based, solution-oriented, and poised to meet the future they are. The shift is from company-focus to people-focus.

The more you know about the industry, the better able you are to reach potential customers. The more familiar you are with the core products of the industry, the better able you are to speak to customer needs. The more you grasp how customers use the products, the closer you are to giving them meaningful information. When you understand what most customers still need to learn, you get to the heart of marketing content’s essential value. Enter Content Marketing.

Fill the gaps in the customer’s knowledge, about the products they need, and you can have a real conversation. This is a conversation with people, people who are going to buy something. This is your opportunity to provide information that helps the customer make an informed decision, instead of guessing based on the glossiest campaigns. Now the message is not about how great the company is, it’s about people and choices.

Content Marketing takes you deeper into industry and product knowledge, reshaping it into clear communication through a variety of channels and formats. You can’t begin Content Marketing until you’ve achieved all of the above. For more details on content marketing see my previous Content Marketing entry.

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