Kant and Critique: New Essays in Honor of W.H. Werkmeister

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Title: Kant and Critique: New Essays in Honor of W.H. Werkmeister
Author: R.M. Dancy, W.H. Werkmeister, et al.
Publisher: Springer; 1993

Kant and Critique: New Essays in Honor of W.H. Werkmeister

I attended this conference that is commemorated in this volume, where these essays were originally presented, at Professor Werkmeister’s “90th birthday celebration” and conference on April 5, 6, 1991, at Florida State University (I was a grad student in the FSU philosophy dept., and the director of publishing for FSU publications, at the time).

Kant and Critique: New Essays in Honor of W.H. Werkmeister is an exciting book for its philosophical and historical interest. For me it brings fond memories of Professor Werkmeister and the culture of philosophy at Florida State University in the 1980s and 1990s. I studied under Professor Werkmeister starting in 1981, as well as under the editor of this volume, Professor Russel Dancy, and under the Synthese managing editor Professor Hintikka.

I highly recommend this book with such talent coming together in one place. For me personally, it brings back precious memories of discovery and camaraderie with great minds and good people. The three dominant figures in the philosophy department at the time (Werkmeister, Dancy, Hintikka) were three men I thoroughly enjoyed studying under, conversing with, and learning from, every day for many years. They were my three primary professors from 1981 – 1984 and again from 1990 – 1993.

From the Amazon.com description:

On 5-6 April 1991, there was a conference on Kant at Florida State University; this volume collects the (revised versions ofthe) papers presented on that occasion. The occasion was, give or take a few months, the 90th birthday of Professor (Emeritus) William H. Werkmeister. Werkie (as all his friends call hirn) hirnself gave the final paper at this conference. Hence the inclusion of a paper by Werkie in a volume honoring hirn. Although he is primarily known for his expertise in the field of Kantian philosophy, Werkie’s published scholarship has spanned a wide range of subjects for more than fifty years: his first book, A Philosophy of Science, appeared in 1940; today, among other endeavors, he is at work on a book on Heidegger, and there have been other books and more than a hundred papers in between. Readers interested in fuller biographical information about Werkie should consult the first three papers in the 1 Festschrift celebrating his eightieth hirthday in 1981. Since then, Werkie’s activities have continued without much letup. He no longer teaches regularly, hut he gives frequent colloquia in the Philosophy Department here, participates in conferences on Kant around the world, and continues to puhlish, particularly on Kant and Nicolai Hartmann. Wayne McEvilly, ‘The Teacher Remembered’; Charles H.

I’m happy to see a new edition was published June 29, 2013.

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