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Poe 206

Edgar Allan Poe is not considered a top literary figure by many critics. He was considered even less during his lifetime. He was a critic himself, and his creative works did not earn him much of a living.

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Decision Criteria

When you need to make a decision, it is often hard to filter the information overload, negative influences, and other distractions. To cut to the chase in a decision, eliminate what you don’t need from your attention. What’s left crystallizes … Continue reading

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Shakespeare 450

William Shakespeare’s 450th birthday is today, born 23 April 1564. Or at least it is traditionally celebrated on 4/23. He was baptized 4/26 so his birth date would be a few days earlier. Being born 450 years ago today adds … Continue reading

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The Albert Effect

People have all kinds of mentors and role models. Here is a good one from the nineteenth century.

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Old Faces

Getting older and having known so many people, I can look at a crowd and usually spot faces that “look just like someone I once knew.” It usually triggers a memory or two. It’s a comforting feeling, because there is … Continue reading

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Word for the Occasion

Most everyone knows a malapropism when they see it, even if they don’t know it’s called a malapropism. Here are some malapropisms (followed by the correct form):

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Wabi-sabi is a Japanese word that evokes a minimalist beauty that is imperfect, unique, understated, authentic, and deeply felt. Hyphenating wabi and sabi merges two slightly different ideas of beauty.

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The Discipline of Physical Exercise

Now is a good opportunity for my entry in the spirit physical fitness, as we’re halfway through the London 2012 Summer Olympics. I thought of this section from my upcoming book, and decided to share it here.

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