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Call of the Active Mind (2016)
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THE BOOK is about Strengthening Your Mind Against the Pacifying Effects of Video Entertainment. It shows why TV dramatically changed people from active and strong to passive and weak. Since TV entered our lives, crime, drug abuse, incompetence, and other destructive consequences spiked. The book presents a wealth of studies that show how TV-viewing caused the spikes in these corruptions of society. TV causes lower-functioning brains—a major factor in social corruption since the 1960s. The book cites numerous studies over the past 30 years, which support the claims. The book provides a roadmap to reverse the damage: the way of strength and integrity. The author reminds us what life was like before humanity stood still in front of screens, and stopped doing anything else. The unique voice provides important information to build a better life for individuals and society.

The main themes are

Live All You Can and Appreciate Everything


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