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"Software Test Essentials"
My article published in "Tea-Time with Testers" magazine, March/April 2014, Year 4, Issue III. This software testing article provides six essential learnings for anyone testing software: 1. Adaptability to Context, 2. Adaptability Meets Planning, 3. Requirements, 4. Use Case vs. Test Case, 5. Smoke and Regression Test, 6. Start-to-Finish...(Go to article).

Best of "Our Take"
My software-quality column "Our Take" appeared twice a month in STQe-Letter, a subscriber-based publication with a circulation of 30,000. Many columns were selected and published in this "Best of" collection at StickyMinds.com (September 2003)...(Go to article).

Capturing Implied Requirements
Published at StickyMinds.com (September 2007)...(Go to article).

My review of Karl Wiegers' book Pearls from Sand
Published at TechWell.com (March 2013)...(Go to review).

Celebrating Talk Like a Pirate Day
Published at Mensa for Kids (September 2007)...(Go to article).

The Philosophical Model
Published in the New England Writers' Network magazine (Vol. 4, No. 2; Autumn 1997)...(Go to article).



My Books

Call of the Active Mind, my Book on Leading an Active Life in an Age of Passivity, published in 2016:
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Philosophy of language, epistemology, and aesthetic theory book published in 2006:
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Link to buy the book on amazon: Abstract Objects, Ideal Forms, and Works of Art

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Novel published in 2001:
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Link to buy the book on amazon: The Marriage Syndrome

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