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Kant and Critique: New Essays in Honor of W.H. Werkmeister
I attended this conference that is commemorated in this volume, where these essays were originally presented, at Professor Werkmeister’s “90th birthday celebration” and conference on April 5, 6, 1991, at Florida State University”...(continue reading).

Wright on Wittgenstein
The typical intellectual’s “label of ‘Cool Objectivity’ did not fit Wittgenstein. He put his whole soul into everything he did.”...(continue reading).

The Flower: A Language Game Showing Plato’s Inductive Fallacy
How and why did Plato invent the Theory of Forms? The “How” part of the question leads to a linguistic process...(continue reading).

The Philosophical Model
Published in the New England Writers' Network magazine (Vol. 4, No. 2; Autumn 1997)...(Go to article).

My philosophy-of-language and aesthetic-theory book published in 2006:
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Abstract Objects, Ideal Forms, and Works of Art