Robert Rose-Coutré

Digital Marketer
CMS Expert
Project Manager
QA Leader


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I've spent 20 years succeeding in content-development, content-delivery, and project-management roles. I have led digital marketing projects, quality-process initiatives, implementing best practices into Publishing, CMS, and SDLC. My background spans leadership roles in marketing, publishing, software development, and web management.

DuPont Global Web: As a consultant with Trellist Marketing and Technology, I served as Digital Project Manager for DuPont (E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company). I completed a 2-year project to stand-up approximately thirty-five multilingual corporate country sites around the world, using Adobe Experience Manager (CQ5.6). Subsequently I became DuPont's Global Web Content Manager.

As Editor-in-Chief for Software Quality Engineering published products, led a successful online community and Software-Testing/QA resource site, StickyMinds. Achieved profitability in two years (no-fee product), generated excitement from users worldwide, increasing attendance at our software-testing conferences. Produced bimonthly newsletter with 30,000 "opt-in" circulation within 6 months. I established strong credibility with publishing industry leaders and a solid reputation for excellence in editorial quality and integrity.

Wearing many hats in content development and delivery, I've been web developer and editor (; I served as Director of Publishing at Florida State University (converted magnetic-tape publishing to PC/LAN Desktop Publishing system); served in dual role of marketing manager and technical publishing manager for NMT Software Corporation; and another dual role of Content Manager and QA Manager at Avantext Aviation Publishing. I've also led SEO initiatives that achieved page-1/number-1 ranking for key terms in highly competitive markets.