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--------------------------- This message was posted on the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery, which I developed and edited. It was posted by the owning partners of Access Media Group, LLC., after I had left the company. (also see this job description):

Posted Spring 2007: "Mr. Rose-Coutre was previously the Editorial Director and Webmaster for the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery. Although he is no longer with the publication, he deserves special recognition for his hard work in launching this website and for striving to make the information presented here complete and unbiased. We wish him success in his future endeavors."

--------------------------- This message was written by the owner and CEO of Software Quality Engineering (also see this job description):
Sent: Thursday, November 6, 2003 2:17 PM To : Robert Subject : StickyLetter 5 Nov 2003
I just read your last eLetter and your "Our Take" piece. Both had the quality and value that our readers and members have come to expect and, probably, take too much for granted.  I appreciate your consistency of delivery as well as the product quality that you have brought to StickyMinds. It's hard to be good, and much harder to be good all the time, but you have managed to do it.

More testimonials from my readership and customers:

--------------------------- "Swain" on 07/02/2003 09:51:13 AM To: Robert Coutre/SQE cc: Subject:
Ask This Old House (column) LOVE IT! Wonder why that approach is such a hard concept to comprehend for so many. Maybe I'll print it and post it on my door to see how much interest I can arouse. I always enjoy reading Our Take, but this one just hits the spot. Keep writing those little winners for us. They help us to live well and build better software - and they brighten our days too. :o) Swain, IT Quality Assurance Manager

--------------------------- "Tim" < on 07/18/2001 11:04:51 PM To: Robert Coutre/SQE cc: Subject:
You people are doing an EXCELLENT job! :-) Please keep up the good work! Your newsletter (unlike MOST newsletters) is informative, well written, relevant, humorous and concise. … Thanks, Tim

--------------------------- " Dan"  on 08/01/2001 09:27:21 AM To: Robert Coutre/SQE cc: Subject:
I have only been receiving your newsletters for a short time now (6 months), but I have found them to be indispensable. I have been working in quality engineering since '92 and I am quite aware that there is a need for fresh data streams of quality engineering material. In my opinion, your site is a prime stream! …… Not only have I found access to the information you provide to be vital - I also find it addicting. As a consultant, I really need to know what is going on in the industry, what others are thinking, and better yet, what others are actually doing. Thank you for a great service and I wish you continued success in wherever this endeavor is taking you. Keep up the good work! * Dan, Quality Assurance Software Quality Engineer Consultant

--------------------------- on 11/06/2002 08:52:00 AM To: Robert Coutre/SQE cc: Subject:
Greetings, Mr. Robert Coutre, Editor - Thank you for your succinct and well expressed editorial about not taking things personal. Very sound advice, nicely written. Just wanted to say thanks! Edith

--------------------------- on 10/03/2001 08:55:52 AM To: Robert Coutre/SQE cc: Subject:
Finally an e-mail publication worth reading Robert, Removing Requirement Defects and Automating Test by Mark Blackburn was right on point with what we are trying to accomplish at Chase. I subscribe to several e-mail newsletters dealing with process improvement and software development. Your publication is right on point, clear concise and to the point. Thanks for NOT wasting the reader's time! I look forward to the next issues. Regards, Jim PMP ITM / QA

--------------------------- " Rodger" < > on 05/21/2003 06:28:47 AM To: Robert Coutre/SQE cc: Subject: Your Article "Discipline of Common Sense" in This Week's Sticky Minds
Robert, very well put. I think one of the best points in your article is that an individual or team can't just select a single "methodology", and live or die by it (because they may well die if they over-constrain themselves). This idea is, "Keep Reading and Researching". I'd suggest that the STQE Magazine, and associated Sticky Minds, is one of the best ways I know to do that …Rodger, CQA, CSTE Case File Management Team SASR Program

--------------------------- "Sanjay" on 09/17/2003 03:46:43 AM To: Robert Coutre/SQE cc: Subject: STQe-letter 20Aug2003 - 'OUR TAKE'.
… The latter half of this para really got to me & stuck. Basically, I am an intuitive person. I suddenly realized I had changed my ways. My stance with my prime opponent (for the lack of better words) changed 180 degrees. I traced the change back to this stickler in your Our Take! Hope this one becomes a habit real soon. Boy! does it make life easier! Thanks Robert. The stuff above was invaluable for me. Regards, Sanjay Head - Quality ...................................................................



My column "Our Take" appeared twice a month. Many were selected and published in this "Best of" collection:

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