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My writing includes an array of types and styles. Here are some highlights.

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News briefs I wrote for the Trellist news page.


This software testing article provides six essential learnings for anyone testing software: 1. Adaptability to Context, 2. Adaptability Meets Planning, 3. Requirements, 4. Use Case vs. Test Case, 5. Smoke and Regression Test, 6. Start-to-Finish (published in "Tea-Time with Testers" magazine, March/April 2014, Year 4, Issue III).


My software-quality column "Our Take" appeared twice a month in STQe-Letter, a subscriber-based publication with a circulation of 30,000.

Many columns were selected and published in this "Best of" collection:


Some use "Knowledge Management" as a synonym for "Training." This KM article is about the often-missed ingredient: employee/knowledge-into-workflow.


This QA article is about recognizing the presence of undocumented requirements in software-development projects, with tips on how to capture them:


In his book "Pearls from Sand: How Small Encounters Lead to Powerful Lessons," Karl Wiegers parlays those lessons into an entertaining series of stories, each with a useful message. Here is my review of Karl's book:


I wrote the following articles for the Consumer Guide to Plastic Surgery (2005–2007):


The following are examples of my technical writing:
Online-Help System
Online-help system sample that I created at NMT in 1997:

Downloadable software manual that I created at NMT in 1998:

Software Manual

Software manual for advanced audience of engineers, which I created at NMT in 1997 (Sample page only—printed copy of full manual available upon request):

Software Manual sample page

After you open this sample page, it is best viewed at 150% zoom on your browser.

Software manual for a software demo used by sales representatives, which I created at NMT in 1998 (Sample page only—printed copy of full manual available upon request):

Software Manual cover page

Printed copy available upon request.

I wrote the initial documentation for a goal-alignment software company's Objectives Module:

Image from the original Objectives Module overview (2004)


The following are samples of my marketing copy and layout:
Two-part promotional piece ("Have Delivered to Your Desktop" and "Editor's Pick") — published in STQE magazine, Nov/Dec 2003 Issue:

Promotional piece published in STQE magazine (PDF)





I was the primary writer, as well as the editor and design/layout person, for two internal company newsletters:


Sampling of articles written freelance, as well as when I was a newspaper editor and reporter. Some of these titles are links to an image of the article. For the others, I have printed copies available upon request:


I've written and published three books:
Call of the Active Mind published in 2016:

Call of the Active Mind

Scholarly book published in 2006:

Abstract Objects, Ideal Forms, and Works of Art

Novel published in 2001:

The Marriage Syndrome

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